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City politics from the grassroots

The Mainlander occupies a unique role in Vancouver’s media landscape. We showcase the perspectives the marginalized people, amplify the voices that the corporations and their media would rather ignore and suppress. We showcase the struggles and victories of people on the front-lines, and offer in-depth analysis of how policies affect vulnerable communities in Vancouver. Instead of simply covering the news as presented by those in power, the Mainlander aims to get to the root of issues, always applying a historical lens in a city founded in ideologies of colonialism and racism.

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This is a crucial time for our city. As the civic election in November approaches, the Mainlander will be intensifying its coverage of policy issues. As well, we will be expanding our activities to include more investigative series, including:

  • Collaborations with writers in other cities facing similar issues, in order to foster city-to-city solidarity
  • The role of policing in Vancouver in the context of increasing inequality and oppression