The Popular Struggle for Transit in Vancouver | ML Radio

Season 2, Episode 4
The Popular Struggle for Transit: A Brief History of the Bus Riders Union, 2001 – 2010

Co-hosts: Nate Crompton and Tristan Markle

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On this episode of Mainlander Radio:

We interviewed Diane LeClair and Aiyanas Ormond, former organizers with the Vancouver Bus Riders Union about:

  • The origins of the Bus Riders’ Union in the early 2000s, in the context of transit cuts under the NDP and then the BC Liberals, as well as the bus driver lock-out
  • The experience of bus riders in the context of cut-backs and over-crowding
  • Strategies and challenges of organizing a grassroots bus-riders movement, and lessons for future organizing
  • Reflections on faregates, compass-card, and the transit referendum