PHOTO ESSAY | Hundreds March in Vancouver-Coast Salish Territories over Missing Mexican Students

Ayotzinapa - Mex-16

November 20th marks 104 years since the Mexican Revolution of 1910, but in 2014 thousands march in Mexico City over the suspected massacre of 43 students in Ayotzipan. There’s evidence that corrupt police officers delivered the students to members of the Guerreros Unidos gang, who confessed to their murders. As people in Mexico find ways to grieve over the loss of life, those living abroad also make their voices heard. In Vancouver, as in many cities around the world, Mexican nationals gather to show support for those living in their home country, with signs that read “Ya me canse” (I am tired), “Me dueles México” (I hurt for you, Mexico), and “Quisieron enterrarlos, pero no sabían que eran semilla” (They wanted to bury them, but they didn’t know they were seeds). Yesterday Mexicans and allies took to the streets to show support for their country and to ask that Mexico be removed from the list of safe countries to visit.

Here are the photos from the march in Vancouver.

Ayotzinapa - Mex-3

Ayotzinapa - Mex

Ayotzinapa - Mex-2

Ayotzinapa - Mex-3

Ayotzinapa - Mex-12

Ayotzinapa - Mex-13

Ayotzinapa - Mex-15

Ayotzinapa - Mex-20