Hello, my name is Chanel Ly. As a settler born here in Vancouver, I would like to acknowledge the territories that we are on – the Tsleil-Waututh, Squamish, and Musqueam nations. I want to first say that I fully support the low-income caucus and their position. I urge Council to adopt the 60-40 rule and to require 5,000 units of self-contained housing at income assistance rates within 10 years. I also strongly urge you to fund an Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Centre with intergenerational housing as a quick-start action.


The demolition of a historic building on 439 Powell Street that was initially scheduled for Monday morning has been put on hold until at least tomorrow. The owner of the building, the Ming Sun Society, has been requested by the City to repair one wall and a chimney. However, the the threat of the demolition is far from resolved and the future of the building remains indeterminate. The latest notice by the City also raises question around why the building was condemned in the first place if only these minor repairs were required.

This is the second “emergency” demolition within the last 5 months on the 400 block Powell street. The first impromptu demolition was the Philippine Women Centre on 451 Powell, destroyed in July of this year.