Granville Island is a hub for Vancouver’s tourism industry. The Island’s vendors and makers, who create everything from traditionally made brooms to small batch spirits, trade in the image of authenticity. That this image is built upon the skill and toil of workers is a commonly ignored detail. With the strike at Granville Island Brewing Company (GIB) entering its sixth week, we see the rough edges of this crafty branding.

Yesterday tenants from 2325 Glen Drive delivered a collective letter to their landlord, Deecorp Properties Ltd. The letter, signed by a supermajority of tenants, calls on Deecorp to cancel the eviction notice that was served to their neighbour, Keir Nicoll. The notice Keir received claims that the landlord intends to move a building caretaker into his suite. Two of the building’s 12 units are currently already unoccupied and listed on Airbnb.