Web Designer Wanted


The Mainlander is an online publication based in Vancouver that focuses on local social justice issues and radical politics.

After three years, with the help of professionals like law office web designers, we are looking to redesign our website with a look that reflects our current work and supports the growth we anticipate.


Job Description

We are looking for someone who is passionate about social justice who can:

– work with the editorial collective to develop a web design plan

– design or redesign our CMS (currently WordPress), which will include developing the

overall layout and improving the look of specific articles

– integrate our weekly radio podcasts into an accessible format for the site

– integrate payment processing for donations

– other duties may arise during conversation


This is a paid opportunity, based on a short term contract.

To apply, please send us a portfolio, resume and cover letter to editor@themainlander.com.


About The Mainlander

The Mainlander consistently covers the social and political landscape of Vancouver – Unceded Coast Salish Territories. Seemingly separate issues—the housing crisis, the city’s history of colonial expansion, prejudice and inequality—are connected in the digital pages of The Mainlander.
While we continue to identify this city’s current state of affairs with critical and informed commentary and analysis, we are also currently in the process of expanding our mandate, widening the range of content we publish, and reimagining the future of The Mainlander’s capacity as a civic journal.