Mag sumite sa Mainlander Filipino edisyon

Sa nakalipas na ilang taon ang Mainlander ay nabuo bilang isa sa mga tagapagtaguyod ng progresibong pagsusuri ng mga munisipal na pulitika sa Vancouver. Isa sa mga orihinal na layunin ng Mainlander ay “isalin ang mahirap unawain na wika at madalas na nakaliligaw na mga dokumento at mga patakaran ng local na munisipyo sa wika na maaaring maunawaan ng tao.”


Postering: one of the many activities you can participate in.

The Mainlander is currently looking for more writers and editors to cover diverse political issues in Vancouver.

The Mainlander wants to diversify and expand our writing collective. In particular we want to encourage women, people of colour, indigenous people, people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTQQIP2S and/or low-income people to submit articles and participate in the collective. We realize that this involves working towards making The Mainlander a safe, accessible, supportive and inclusive space for everyone to participate and we welcome all feedback relating to this aim.

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The Mainlander has been covering municipal politics from a critical perspective for four years, and our last year has been spent digging deeper into the politics of the housing crisis in Vancouver. The writing community and editorial collective of The Mainlander has expanded a lot recently, which has allowed us to cover overlapping issues of colonialism, racism, gentrification and policing in our city. But we want to keep growing and we need your support!


Calling for a moratorium on migrant workers first, and then paying partial lipservice to some permanent immigration system is a de facto call for mass exclusion of people of colour. If we truly believed in equal access for people irrespective of their racialization and impoverishment, we would first ensure full immigration status for all before shutting down the program that gives a toehold to some.