Healthcare worker collective Care Not Cops calls on the leadership of Vancouver’s health & social service organizations to break their silence on the genocidal violence against Palestinian people. After 40 days of death, BC Premier David Eby refuses to join the international calls for a ceasefire. The health and nonprofit sector have echoed this settler colonial complicity and abandonment of the global health community — all while hospitals are attacked, while thousands die, and while healthcare workers are killed in Gaza.

On July 25, 2022, the Vancouver Fire Service issued an order to decamp the newly-formed tent city of people sheltering outside on Hastings Street. Every year the tent cities continue to grow as the housing crisis worsens. Unhoused people and low-income SRO tenants are now creating an alternative community of survival and mutual support on Hastings Street. Earlier this week the City and VPD began enforcing the Fire Order, with events on Tuesday (August 9) that can only be described as a police riot.